Welcome to Naples Golf & Country Club!

To all of our Members, Guests and Friends,

As you may have heard, the Naples Golf and Country Club has closed and will not be reopened in the Spring. Many of you have played golf at Naples for many years and will find it difficult to see it go. As the new largest group of shareholders (92%) to own and manage the golf course for the past ten years, we have come to a point where trying to keep it running as a golf course makes no sense financially. We have worked very hard to improve the financial condition of the golf course operations through additional investment, significantly improving the course conditions, making the operations more efficient, and doing everything we could to increase sales revenue. We tried to grow our restaurant business but due to lack of community support had to scale that back. Total golf play revenue dropped $41,000 from 2016 to 2017. The peak season for Naples Golf & Country Club to really make any money is July and August, the other four months we are open each year we lose money, and the 6 months over the winter loses a lot of money. In order to keep operating, the owners have to keep providing additional funds to make up the losses. In order to protect the investment that the owners have put into the course, the course has been closed and will be liquidated. If you have any questions please email us at info@naplesgolfcourse.com.

Both Point Sebago and Bridgton Highlands have stepped up to offer the Members of Naples Golf & Country Club good discounts to earn your business.

Richard Dyke, Chairman
Allen Faraday, President & Treasurer