Naples Golf & Country Club
Tournament Committee Newsletter

2017 Tournaments and Guidelines

Below is a list of tournaments scheduled for the 2017 season and the rules that are associated with each event. All Club tournaments are open to all club members and will require a USGA Handicap to play. These events are designed to promote an enjoyable venue for all members to play in and compete with other members or their guests. Please note that most of these tournaments recognize both gross and net winners so everyone can compete.

To establish a handicap, please let Bob Caron know so he may enter your name into the GHIN Software. This is a free service to all members, and is governed by the Handicap Committee with rules set forth by the USGA. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the handicap committee.

Sept. 13th – Naples & Governor Cup Tournament – Both these tournaments are a two person team event and will run together on the same day. The Naples Cup is a better ball of the two, gross score event, and the Governors Cup is a better ball of the two net score event. Players will be using 90% of their actual USGA Handicap. Teams can’t win both events. Entry Fee $15 per person.

July – Presidents Cup – This event has been changed  with the hope of getting better participation. This will be a two person team (men’s, ladies or combined) event in a match playing against another two person team. All players will be using 90% of their actual handicap. This event will start on Monday July 6th and shall be completed by Wednesday July 31st. Signing up deadline for this event will be June 30th, so matches can be posted by July 6th. All dates for the matches will be enforced and if any match is not completed by set date those teams will be disqualified from event. Entry Fee $15 per person.

August – Club Championship – This event is a match play gross score event that will be flighted depending on your handicap. Sign up for this event by Tuesday July 28th so that the matches can be set and posted in time for the start on Saturday August 1st. There will be no handicap used in these matches, and all matches are to be played by set dates.

August – Club Member Guest – This is a four person team event where a member is allowed to bring up to one guest. No all member teams allowed in this event, but teams could consist of two members and two guests. Format will be two net best balls of the foursome using 80% of actual handicap. This is an afternoon shotgun at 2 pm with a dinner afterwards. Entry Fee $50 per person.

June 4 – Brandy Pond Cup – This is a new event from 2014 that is set up as a 2 person team scramble event. This could be two members or one member and one guest and the teams combined handicap can’t be lower than 25 when added together. This will be a gross and net score event with 90% of actual handicap being used. Each players tee shot must be used at least 4 times for the 18 holes. Each team can only win one of the two events. Entry Fee TBD.

August – Ladies Invitational – This is an 18 holes tournament with a scramble format open to all women golfers. USGA handicap is needed to play in the event. Entry Fee TBD.

June & August – Member mixers – These events are open to all members and guest who would like to play. They will be scheduled for Saturday mornings starting at 9 am and we will make up the four person teams. These will be fun events designed to promote member participation and designed to get all members out to meet each other on the golf course. Please watch the bulletin boards for more information on these two events. Entry Fee TBD.

All tournaments will be governed by our local club rules along with all USGA rules. Also in play for all events will be a new pace of play policy that will be used to help improve the flow of the tournament and to prevent undue delay as defined in the USGA Rules book, rule 6-7. We hope that with this new policy in use that all members will embrace it to help make each event a good experience for all players.

Respectfully you’re NGCC Handicap Committee

Frank Wall, Russ Sweet, Rick Green, Sue Card, – Members*

*If you would like to serve on this or other club Committees please contact Bob Caron



Naples Golf & Country Club Pace of Play Policy

After substantial research and in an effort to make rounds of golf more enjoyable for all golfers, we employ the following policies for all our tournaments…

Rule 6-7: Undue Delay: Slow Play states: “The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee may establish. Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play”

1. We require all rounds to be played in 4 hours and 20 minutes. Two hours and five minutes for the front nine and two hours and 15 minutes for the back
2. Should you fall out of position during your round we will ask you to please improve your pace of play.
3. We will ask you to pick up your pace up to two times should you fall out of position before we issue you a one stroke penalty.
4. If the group or player continues to fall out of position than a two stroke penalty will be issued, and will continue to be issued for any additional
5. In general, competitors in a group are subject to being timed at any time but specifically when the group is deemed to be out of position and over the
allotted pace of play guidelines.
6. A group is deemed to be “Out of Position” when it falls more than 15 minutes behind the group in front of them.
7. The penalty will be applied to either the group or the individual who is discovered to take longer than 1 minute to play a stroke.